Accounting Software

If you don’t have accounting software already, it is something you should definitely consider. Embracing technological change has helped many of our clients completely transform the way in which all their accounting needs can be managed, saving them significant amounts of time.

Accounting software can record and process all accounting transactions within functional categories, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll and trial balance.

It essentially acts as a system which holds all the accounting information you need, saving you a lot of time on processing and administration.

Further benefits to using accountancy software include:
  • Cost effective
  • Time effective
  • Simple data entry
  • Fast processes
  • Automation of reports and analysis
  • Automation of tasks
  • Reduction of errors
  • Integrations with other systems, such as online banking and HMRC

At Cooper Associates Accountants we are advocates of the world-recognised accountancy software provider, Sage.

As one of the market leaders, forever adapting to the changing needs of businesses of all sizes, it offers multiple packages to suit individual business needs.

Cloud accounting

Another element of accounting software is what’s known as Cloud Accounting. Similar to traditional, on-premises accounting, only the accounting software is hosted on remote servers. In other words, data is sent to ‘the cloud’ where it can be accessed, worked on and stored, with the benefit of being able to access it anywhere in the world, with some software available from the convenience of a smartphone.

For more information on Cloud Accounting, and specific software providers that we work with, click here.

Making Tax Digital

This is an initiative brought about by the government to make it easier for individuals and business to get their tax right and to keep on top of their tax-related affairs. With the ambition to become ‘one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world’, HMRC are using software to make tax more effective, more efficient and easier for taxpayers to get their tax right.

For more information on how we’ve been raising awareness and taking advantage of the initiative, click here. Alternatively, visit the Government’s Making Tax Digital webpage.

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