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With considerable medical advancements over the years, we are now living longer than those generations before us, which is seen as a positive by most!

The financial disadvantage of this longevity is the need to accumulate enough capital to pay for those retired years, which for some of us, could be as many as thirty.

It is important that we put aside some of the income we earn during our working lives to provide us with an income in the years we are not working. Furthermore, it’s of paramount importance that any provision already made is well managed and consequently reviewed.

If you’ve previously paid into a pension (including contracting out of SERPS/S2P), or an employer has on your behalf, it is important to review these funds. Equally, if you are currently paying into a pension, or considering doing so, again a review may be beneficial.

How can we help?

Our sister company, Cooper Associates Wealth Management Ltd, are offering a free consultation without obligation. This is an opportunity for you to evaluate your existing pension provisions, and if necessary discuss how any shortfalls may be met.

For a consultation, please contact Cooper Associates Wealth Management Ltd on 01823 273130 or email