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Our Cost of Love campaign shines a spotlight on the nation’s struggles with being open and honest about money.
Too many couples are arguing over money, relationships are breaking down and not enough people are seeking professional advice when making big decisions for different life stages.
Want to know how to tackle the taboo of talking about money? Start by taking our Cost of Love Risk quiz, then put some time aside with loved ones and use our conversation kit to get started.

Two-thirds of us have argued with our partner over finances and a third have broken up because of money. It’s time we tackled the taboo of talking about money, so we build healthier long-term relationships

Samantha Jackson, CEO Cooper Associates Group

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In our 2023 Cost of Love report, we deep dive into men’s and women’s attitudes towards money, exploring how our feelings towards finances is affecting our relationships.

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Are you a lover, a fighter, or a fence sitter when it comes to money and what could this mean for your love life?

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A strong and healthy relationship is rooted in a foundation of open and honest communication, where all cards are on the table.

Natasha Silverman, Relationship Counsellor for Relate

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Tackle the taboo of talking about money one card at a time.

Using our conversation starter kit, set some time aside and begin an honest conversation with your loved one about money. If you need some professional financial advice, we’re here to help.

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